Douglas RNLI lifeboat called out to assist lone sailor

Douglas RNLI lifeboat was launched today (24 July) at 10.35pm following the report of a yacht in difficulty approximately seven miles south off Douglas.

The 11m yacht with just one person on board had been making its way from Belfast to Douglas. After a short rest at Derbyhaven the lone sailor had found it increasingly difficult making his way towards Douglas in the freshening north west wind even with motor assistance. It was then when the yacht’s engine started to overheat he radioed the Coastguard for assistance.

The Douglas all weather lifeboat, Sir William Hillary, under the command of volunteer coxswain Neal Corran reached the casualty vessel just after 11pm and lifeboat crewman Peter Cowin was put aboard the yacht to assist its sole occupant.

The yacht was towed back to Douglas and berthed alongside the Visitors’ Pontoon on the Battery Pier where the Coastguards were waiting to assist, the lone sailor being none the worse for his ordeal.