Douglas RNLI lifeboat crew assist in rescue of holidaymakers

Douglas RNLI lifeboat was launched today (30 July) at 10pm as part of a joint emergency services operation to rescue two holidaymakers.

The two visitors had gone down onto the stabits at the back of Douglas Breakwater earlier in the evening to do some fishing. However, a heavy shower of rain made the stabits too slippery for the holidaymakers to climb back up. When one of the two actually slipped on the stabits injuring a leg the pair called 999 to ask for assistance.

As part of the joint emergency services response Douglas RNLI all-weather lifeboat Marine Engineer was launched under the command of volunteer coxswain Graeme Cushnie. With the lifeboat unable to get close enough to the stabits volunteer crewmen James Bettridge and Michael Kaighen used the lifeboat’s daughter boat, an inflatable dinghy, to reach the casualties and transfer them to the lifeboat.

The lifeboat crew returned the casualties to the Visitor Pontoon on the Breakwater where Douglas Coastguards and Paramedics were waiting to assess and assist the casualties.