Douglas RNLI lifeboat goes to the aid of broken down yacht

Douglas RNLI lifeboat was launched today (1 August) at 1.38pm at the request of the Coastguard to go to the aid of a yacht in difficulty.

The 29ft yacht with just one person on board had been making for Douglas when the engine’s gearbox failed leaving the yacht without power in the middle of Douglas bay and unable to make way.

In fair weather and just a slight sea the RNLI all-weather lifeboat Marine Engineer was launched under the command of coxswain Tony Radcliffe and made for the troubled yacht.

On arriving at the casualty vessel, after ensuring that the yacht’s lone sailor was not in need of any assistance himself, the yacht was taken under tow back to Douglas harbour where the tow was handed over to an IoM Harbours vessel to escort the yacht into the upper harbour.

With the casualty vessel now in the care of IoM Harbours’ personnel the lifeboat returned to station to be re-housed, washed down, re-fuelled and was made ready again for service.