Early Boxing Day call for RNLI Douglas lifeboat crew volunteers

RNLI Douglas lifeboat volunteer crew members were paged just after 1.00am today (26 December) to assist Coastguards and Police in a search for a missing person.

The search was being conducted by Coastguards and Police along Douglas Promenade and beach. The RNLI all-weather lifeboat Sir William Hillary launched under the command of volunteer Coxswain Neal Corran and was tasked to carry out a sweep along the full length of Douglas beach as close inshore as the ebbing tide would safely allow.

Following several such sweeps of the shoreline without finding anyone the lifeboat crew widened the search to include the Tower of Refuge using flares to illuminate the area around the Tower. They also searched in the vicinity of the seaward side of the Victoria Pier resuming their earlier shoreline search of Douglas beach when no one was found near to either the Tower or the Pier.

At 2.15am following advice that the person reported as missing had been found safe and well elsewhere the lifeboat was stood down to return to station where it was re-housed and made ready again for service.