One call out becomes two for Douglas RNLI lifeboat

Douglas RNLI lifeboat was launched today (5 September) at 10.57pm following the report of a person entering the sea from Douglas Promenade.

While Douglas Coastguards searched along the shore, the Douglas all weather lifeboat, Sir William Hillary, under the command of volunteer coxswain Neal Corran, conducted an offshore search from the Palace Hotel to Derby Castle, releasing parachute flares to illuminate the area. They then searched back along the Promenade as far as the Tower of Refuge before returning to the Palace Hotel area.

After just under an hour searching without any one being found the Douglas lifeboat was stood down at 11.48pm to be immediately tasked to go to the aid of a lone yachtsman in difficulty approximately 10 miles east of Douglas.

The lone yachtsman had been making his way Douglas when he slipped and fell injuring his shoulder. Unable to work the yacht’s sails and with the yacht’s engine refusing to start he radioed the Coastguard for assistance.

The Coastguard were able to give the lifeboat crew the last known position of the yacht and with this and using the lifeboat’s direction finding equipment on a signal from the yacht’s VHF radio the lifeboat reached the casualty vessel at 0.39am.

Lifeboat volunteer crewmen Peter Cowin and Andy Morris were put aboard the yacht to assist its sole occupant secure a tow from the lifeboat. The yacht was towed back to Douglas and berthed alongside the Visitors’ Pontoon on the Battery Pier at 2.37am where the Coastguards were waiting to assist the injured yachtsman.