RNLI Douglas lifeboat called out to assist Coastguard in dog rescue

RNLI Douglas lifeboat volunteer crew were paged at 6.12pm today (17 July) to assist the Coastguards rescue a dog that had gone over a cliff near Port Grenaugh.

The RNLI all-weather lifeboat Sir William Hillary was launched under the command of volunteer Coxswain Neal Corran. Arriving in the vicinity of Port Grenaugh the Coastguard advised that they had recovered the dog and returned it to its anxious owner. However there was also a sheep down on the rocks which they had secured in a net bag but which they were unable to retrieve and asked for the lifeboat’s assistance.

With the lifeboat unable to get close enough to the bottom of the cliff volunteer crewmen Peter Cowin and Donald Bottomley used the lifeboat’s daughter boat, an inflatable dinghy, to go ashore to recover the sheep. Having got the sheep into the dinghy they returned to the lifeboat and were taken under tow to the beach a Port Grenaugh where the farmer who’s sheep it was was waiting.
With the sheep having been safely returned to its owner the lifeboat recovered their dinghy and its crewmen and returned to Douglas to be re-housed and made ready again for service.